Friday, December 26, 2014

Tastes of Christmas

Before Christmas simply becomes a memory, here are my favorite recipes of the season. Gingerbread replaced the traditional Patty Christmas cinnamon rolls, and "vanilkove rohlicky" were a must to bring a little Czech flair to Christmas.

If you're curious about the recipes I used, here are the links!

Gluten-free Gingerbread Cake:

Vanilkove Rohlicky (kind of like "Russian Tea Cookies"): I used gluten-free flour as a substitute for normal flour and it worked out great. Just try to buy a flour that doesn't have garbanzo beans or sorghum, as those flavors will overpower this delicate cookie. Don't worry, the recipe is in English! These are my favorite Christmas cookies ever!

I hope you had some wonderful Christmas goodies too and that you continue to stay in the spirit of celebration, for Christ's birth and life is always worthy of that praise and adoration. 


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