Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sights and Lights

Finals week is fast approaching. The end is in sight!

Assignments are due, events are still coming up and homework is still being worked on. There's a lot to process and think through during this time as our classes finish up for the semester. It's hard to believe I'm nearing the end of another semester at Moody!

We have a "bro-sis floor" event this past Sunday that was so refreshing - walking outside through Lincoln Park for Zoo Lights. One of the guys on our brother floor took some photos that night, and I just want to remember what fun can be had in the city.

Abraham Lincoln is my floor's mascot - so this picture just had to happen.

As much as big group things can sometimes tire me out (my introverted inclinations), this was just pure enjoyment. I am thankful for the friendships this semester has brought and for the different classes we've all had the opportunity to take.

Now just to finish out well!


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