Saturday, December 27, 2014

She's The Bride-To-Be

What an absolute privilege to celebrate Emily today - the bride-to-be! I am so glad that I could be there for this particular bridal shower, because Emily is not just a friend I see every once in a while, but my buddy, with whom I have my earliest childhood memories.

Emily's family moved to Czech to serve with Josiah Venture in February 1995... I was four months old. Emily was my first friend and play-mate, even though we are two years apart in age.

This is from my baby book! 

We bonded over being missionary kids together, family get-togethers, exploring around the yard, playing "zoo" or "dogs" together, and scrubbing the floors of our balcony "like Cinderella"...or "Joseph" in the Disney movie adaptation. I can't quite remember.

Emily saw me through eye-patch days, eye-crossing days, sick days and ugly jacket days. Still, we were always friends.

The Millers moved back to the States, to the Chicago area, in 2000. Thankfully, I still got to see Emily now and then as the years went by. We have been able to keep up a friendship through the years, whether that was at a wedding in Chicago, or at their house (eating her dad's famous pies) on a State-side visit, or when their family came to Czech to visit one summer. Although we don't keep in regular contact, it's one of those "pick-up-where-you-left-off" friendships, that is still so dear to me.

Emily came to visit me downtown Chicago a couple of times, and I started hearing about someone special that her heart deeply cared about.

She moved to Bangladesh this year. Yes, Bangladesh.

Six years ago, she went to Bangladesh on a missions trip and fell in love with the country. It was also on this trip that she first met a certain someone. After returning back to Bangladesh multiple times in those six years (like 5 or 6!), she continued to keep up this relationship with a man she had grown to cherish.

This Spring that man asked her to marry him and she is now engaged to a very kind, Godly, and wonderful Bangladeshi man! I couldn't be more excited for them. The road ahead will be an adventure, with a learning curve, but one of committed love and Christ at the center of every step. Emily shines as she talks about him. How wonderful that she will get to live with the one she loves in the place she loves! Emily has already been teaching at a school in Bangladesh this year, so she knows this is where she wants to be and is thrilled for the future.

It's hard to believe that Emily, my childhood buddy, is getting married in Bangladesh soon! Life is beautiful and rich. We loved celebrating this time together.

Don't worry - this is peach bubbly juice! Non-alcoholic, but still celebratory! ;)
How incredible the story is that God has already given her. I can't wait to continue to hear of many more stories to come!

And how special to get to celebrate with this lovely group of women - whom I have known since before I can remember! Thank you for hosting us in Poland, "Aunt" Laura!

For more of the story, hop on over to my mom's blog HERE


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