Sunday, December 21, 2014

Patty Parties

I'm home!!!!

After a 23 hour trip, we got to drive through the sleepy little Frydlant, and walk into our very own cozy home. What a glorious gift to get to be back for Christmas.

But before I share pictures of home and festivities, I can't skip the Chicago Patty's Christmas celebration! Caleb and Haley and I all flew to Czech, but Tyler and Lara are spending the holidays in the States, so we got to have a family evening before some of us left.

I love these people so much! I am yet again reminded how thankful I am for my siblings, and that we get to live this season of life in close proximity. Tyler and Lara are out in the suburbs now, but still close enough for celebrations and get-togethers. What a wonderful evening.

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