Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finals Week: Here I Come

Last class of the semester: check! 

Does this mean I'm done? Nope! I still have two papers and two finals coming up next week. Deep breaths. Soon it will all be done and all I'll have to think about is what to pack for going home!

I'm feeling somewhat under the weather today, so would you pray that this doesn't turn into the flu or anything of the sorts? It would be hard if I was sick this next week with all that still has to get done. But I'm trusting the Lord's timing with all of this. And who knows, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and feel fine after a good night's sleep?

Although there's still a lot to do, I am realizing how much I have been and still am learning this semester. What a gift it is to get to study here, even when it's hard! 

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  1. Are those photos from home or from Moody? That first picture looks just like the ornaments we have here at home! Whoo hoo!! It won't be long before you're here!!!!!


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