Thursday, December 18, 2014


This week was a very unusual finals week. I recall last year being surrounded by study groups, and lots of final events and get togethers with friends. I spent quite a bit of time studying, but I also did homework with buddies, and spent most of my time outside of my room, because that's where I focused better.

This year, however, I was literally in my room from morning 'til evening from Thursday night until yesterday. Since I got the flu, I needed to rest, as well as stay contained so I wouldn't get anyone else sick. Czech doctors definitely taught me that! "Stay home. You'll feel better and so will everyone else," they would say (or something of the sort). Cooped up in my room, I would trade off from reading or writing in bed or in my fold-up camping chair. It was quite the "introvert" week. But it was also simple and focused. God knew.

I missed my friends during the week, though they were so kind in helping me with whatever I needed (=food and medicine!). The only times I ventured into the great big world were to go to the library. I had to go once while I was sick, and then once today, with renewed strength (and a cough), to finish up a big paper due tomorrow for one of my classes.

I can now say (very happily) that my paper is done, printed out, stapled, and handed in - all 12 single-spaced pages! This Hermeneutics class (Bible studying methods) has challenged me and pushed me, but in a really good way. I needed this solid base, since I knew (and still feel like I know) so little about the subject. Maybe to upperclassman this still seems like a basic course, but all that we learned is so valuable to me. This will be the foundation upon which I build, thanks to my professor, who was so wise and practical at the same time. Although the class was hard, it was one of my favorites.

After I turned that paper in, and finished my last worksheet for that same class later today (Hermeneutics).... I'm DONE with my third semester at Moody!!!!

Each semester goes by faster than the last, and each semester I learn more than the last. From what I've heard, things get harder, but better here, and I look forward to that. So far so good! Keep pressing forward.

But before I continue to press forward, it is time to rest. Well, first I have to pack. Then I need to check in to the airport. And then I will rest as I settle into the airplane seat.

Ah, home. Here I come. 

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  1. Big whoops from home for you!!!!!! Dad, Kaylee and I can hardly wait! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!


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