Sunday, November 16, 2014

Those Days

You know it's getting late and it's time to go to bed when it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on one thought and you can't even stay on one song on Spotify because nothing fits. Let's just say I'm not a night person. Sometimes I wish I were for the sake of homework, but it's probably ok in the long run.

Most Sundays are great, but today was just a bit different than the others - a bit more exhausting. The good things today though? There were little reminders of the Lord scattered throughout the day.

- Snow - I sat in Starbucks for a bit doing homework today (thankful for a gift card!) and I watched through the big windows as snow slowly drifted down outside. It didn't stick, but it was beautiful for that little bit.

- Messiah - I ushered for Moody's performance of Handel's Messiah and got to hear the classic music too. I never realized that all of the text was Scripture! That was powerful. A recording of it'll be playing on Moody Radio soon, so stay tuned! Most of the performers were students here at Moody, and I am so proud of them for their talents and hard work.

- My phone (both having it and not having it) - I forgot my phone at the campus library last night, and realized the fact this morning, when the library was closed. The Lord gave me peace about it and I was able to retrace my steps and realize it was at the library. It was kind of refreshing to not have it on hand all day. I didn't mind that forced break! But I thank the Lord that it was behind the desk this evening when I asked about it at the library.

- FaceTime - I don't take it for granted that the Lord gave such creativity and knowledge to people so that they could create something like this! I love days when I get to catch up with my mom "almost" face-to-face.

- Finding this photo on my computer - Because it reminds me of wonder and hope. This little guy is moving to Croatia with his family soon (who are going as JV missionaries!), and his joy is contagious.

Alright, going to finish up some last studying I need to do for an exam tomorrow, and then call it a day!

The Lord is present always. He is not an aloof God who stands far off. He is here each moment, whether that's in a peaceful moment of sitting in Starbucks looking at snow, or an evening of plowing away at homework. He is there. 

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  1. Awwww! I love to FaceTime with you too! So glad for that technology that makes it seem like we're not quite so far apart. Love you my girl!!


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