Friday, November 28, 2014

Real Simple

You know, sometimes simple is just perfect. Yesterday was one of those days that was wonderfully simple and absolutely enjoyable.

Three places were set at the table and three dishes were served. It was enough. Each dish was prepared beautifully and tasted delicious and Thanksgiving-y. 

During the preparations of our meal, we even got to FaceTime in to the Josiah Venture Kid Thanksgiving Talent Show. The talent show has been a tradition for years now (see here!), so it was special getting to see these kids sing in other languages, rap, show off their sudoku skills, fight with lightsabers, and be completely themselves. I wish I could've been there to give them high-fives and hugs when it was all over not only because I miss those kids, but because I just think they're all amazing.

We finished off our meal with Sencha green tea (which really is that bright green...and no, it's not poisonous! It's really splendidly good for you and tasty too) and a pumpkin cake.

A couple hours after our food had settled, Lara was ready to decorate for Christmas. Tyler agreed and the boxes came out from the basement. What a perfect ending to a simple, yet lovely day.

I loved how un-stressful this day was. We ate well, had a calm day, got to enjoy being together and the day lingered. 

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  1. Awwww!! Those pictures are so fun! I can't believe the one that has Marissa and Dylan in it from the JVK talent show...clever!! And I love the ones of the tree and T and L! It's fun to see my broccoli salad make its appearance at your Thanksgiving meal too! :) Love you and miss you.


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