Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day in The Life

What does a typical day look like for a Moody student? Today was actually a good example.

The early morning hours consisted of: prayer with Michelle, breakfast, Bible, as well as a few pages of a devotional/biography type book that I am loving (Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot). I found this book on a random shelf while I was at home, and have been soaking it in ever since. It's beautiful.

Chapel was thought-provoking again, especially since it's "Spiritual Enrichment Week", meaning we have the same chapel speaker for all three chapel sessions, giving the speaker more time to delve into his topic. Worship was beautiful and tender this morning - an offering to the Lord from the student body that was beautiful. Our chapel speaker, Justin Buzzard, taught from the well-known story about the Prodigal Son from Luke 15. He looked at it from the perspective of the audience - the Pharisees, and how the story of the "elder brother" related to them (and to us) directly.

I had a class, then lunch (it was "Soup Day" - a special day in the cafeteria once a semester where they serve four different soups and have a spread of cheese and bread; everyone gets super excited about Soup Day), then it was off to another two classes - Exploring Music, and Christianity and Western Culture.

I have loved learning about history through the lens of Christianity, mostly focusing on Church Fathers and how the church began and has changed throughout history. I have so much more respect now for tradition, liturgy and even the Roman Catholic Church, just from what we've read and talked about. It's easy to be quick to judge something that is foreign to you, so this class has brought concepts into a clearer view for me from a historical point of view.

I registered for classes today for Spring semester! Thankfully, I was able to get into all of the classes that I wanted to, which is actually kind of surprising. Philosophy, Christianity and Western Culture II, Human Development, Ministry Planning and Teaching The Bible Practicum - it's going to be yet another packed semester, but so good!

This afternoon I've been working on homework and had to turn in an assignment to one of my professors. On my way up from dropping the assignment off, I walked through one the "hangout" places at Moody and stopped to say hello to a couple of friends. This hello turned into a longer conversation about chapel, about worship, about the Word, about different ways of teaching, and I was struck by the fact that it is a privilege to stop and get to talk to friends about these kinds of things. I can't take it for granted that a quick hello quickly turns to a conversation about the Lord and His Word. I love that.

The rest of the evening holds dinner, more homework (like learning the Greek and Hebrew alphabet), and, yes, definitely tea!

And there's a typical day at Moody.

Outside photos taken on a Sunday - hence the lack of people on the plaza!

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  1. I love all these details about a normal day at Moody! How fun it will be in years to come to look back on that kind of day and see how the Lord was weaving all the pieces of your life together, even on normal days like that!


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