Monday, November 24, 2014

One Box

Cared for.

When I received a green slip in my mailbox with an "X" marked on the checkbox with the word "package" next to it, I was definitely curious. I was completely shocked to find a little box waiting for me behind the counter of our campus post-office. It was from M.P., a friend I've only met once at a JV Conference, but am thankful to know. 

The package was filled with little things - like a toothbrush, Christmas candy, lip balm and fuzzy socks. I texted my mom to see if she knew the story behind the package, and yes, she did! M.P. is an author, but also someone who has dedicated her life to serving Third Culture Kids. She found out the names of some TCK's who wouldn't be home for Thanksgiving, and sent them care packages. Yes, this means so much!

Growing up as a TCK did make me flexible and able to adapt (...not always, and sometimes slowly!). But it's still hard at times being so far away from the world that was home. Chicago has also become home, mostly because of the people here, along with the new experiences and memories I have in this place. But I'm thankful for this reminder today that it's ok to feel sad about not being present for the usual "JV Family" Thanksgiving. It's ok to be excited about change and newness too. Feel. Remember. Connect. It's all one story, and continues to be. 

Thank you, M. for thinking of me; for thinking of and caring for us TCK's. Thank you.

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  1. I love this! It made me all teary. What a precious gift from a really wonderful lady! :)


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