Friday, November 21, 2014

Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

I have worked in Events and Guest Services at Moody for over a year now, and it has been such a good learning experience. I actually love my job. I'm the Student Event Coordinator, so most of the time I work with students and forms and coordinate with other departments on campus to make sure that student events have everything they need in order to make the event happen (like catering requests, room reservations, etc.). So that's more on the organizational side of things, with lots of e-mailing and submitting requests. 

But there are also unique things we get to do when working with Events and Guest Services - like decorating for Christmas on campus.

A couple of the full-time employees in our department are in charge of making our campus look festive for the Christmas season, and the part-timers get to help out too. What a joy! I won't get to decorate at home, so this is a privilege. 

Kaitlyn (top left corner) is also a part-timer, and she's sweet friend of mine too! 

Although I'm usually one to wait until after Thanksgiving to start anything Christmas-y, it's different here at Moody. After Thanksgiving break, we only have two weeks left of classes, and then by the time I'm done with studying for finals, working on last projects, and once I fly home, there will hardly be any time to enjoy all the traditions and happy feelings of Christmas preparation. And so, I'm ok with starting a little early. Because in my mind, the weeks before Christmas (and particularly Christmas Eve) are the best part!

What I love about decorations is how they bring people together. Since we decorated our floor lounge, people have been sitting out there more throughout the day. Students gather more in our campus coffee shop area when there are lights and trees. It's just fun to see what a little warmth and charm can do for community.

And I'm glad to participate in setting that up here at Moody!

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  1. Awwwww!!! So glad you got to decorate there! I will MISS you decorating with me at home!!!


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