Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Date (with Dad!)

Nothing could have meant more to me today than having my dad drive all the way downtown just to have cupcakes and coffee with me. Dad, thank you!

He's in Chicago for some meetings for less than a week (before going on to the next location), but he still made time for each of his kids this week.
I yet again today feel so blessed that the Lord gave me Dad as my dad. His wisdom and insight were much needed, even just this week. It was grounding to talk with him again and be reminded of who I am and what my ultimate goals are. My dad is the master at presenting options and thinking about the future in a "vision casting" kind of way, which is extremely helpful for a college student who feels like the future is a blur and things are confusing (ehm...that would be me).

It's a good thing I have God the Father there all the time, because I don't know what I would do without Him (as well as without Christ and the Holy Spirit - the entire Trinity). If my dad on earth loves me this much, how much more incredible it is that the Father, King of Kings, could love me more. God's love is greater than all. I also thank the Lord that He speaks through my dad, directly to my heart. I needed today. 

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  1. Claire! You know how happy my heart is to see these pictures and read these words! I praise the Lord for the sweet relationship you have with dad. So thankful you had that time with him.


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