Thursday, October 9, 2014


If I could bottle up a day and save it forever, yesterday would be one of those days. It was the little things that made the day special. Notes from friends and family, thoughtful gifts, little surprises, cupcakes and a walk through the park.

Also, it wasn't any old park. It was my favorite park - Oz Park.

Walking back to the dorms that evening felt normal. For a couple of hours life felt like it wasn't college, or city living. It felt right to just spend time outside with friends and not have any specific agenda. It even seemed quaint to me to come back to this view of the city. I needed a little break and perspective and a sense of "normal". It was such a sweet afternoon.

And really, the whole day was sweet. I'll remember my 20th fondly, that's for sure. Thank you to EVERYONE who made me feel so loved. Truly, it meant so much. 

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  1. Swirlz! Friends! Fall! A walk in the park! All good gifts on your birthday!!!! So happy it was a good day.


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