Sunday, October 5, 2014

This Is Where I Live

There are days when it soaks in that I live in the city. I casually walk to Trader Joe's with the view of the Trump tower ahead of me on a cloudy Saturday. I pass by groups of tourists and endless coffee shops. I take the quickest, yet prettiest route to the store because I've gone there so many times that I actually have a preference for which streets to walk down.

I actually know this city? At least to a certain extent. There are so many places left to explore. I far too rarely go out to a new place these days because it takes extra energy and I wouldn't go somewhere new alone. But I have places that I like to go to, like a specific Trader Joe's. Or Adagio Teas around the corner from there. For me to understand the grid of the city (from looking at a map so often) is saying something, since I'm not usually very good with directions.

It's a blessing to get to live in Chicago for (at least) four years of my life. Yes, it's hard. It's hard not being in the mountains, or near forests and the smell of earth and leaves. But these four years come with unique lessons and experiences. For those, I am thankful.

I'm a little more than a week away from being half-way done with my semester. Now that's hard to believe. 


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