Friday, October 3, 2014

Scavenger Hunt: Take 2

I promised photos of our Sunday scavenger hunt, and here they are! 

There were more photos (and some videos), but here are just a few of the challenges we accomplished...

#24: Team standing by a convertible. Also... Spelling out "Don" (the guy's name) in front of said convertible.

#58 - Someone wearing fur or feathers.

#22 - picture with the sample lady at Ghirradelli.

#65 - Stranger Doppleganger (lookalike).

#27 - whole team jumping.

#38: Hoop!

#47 - entire team sharing one soda with their own straws

#6 - Identical twins

#4 - give a high-five to a firefighter

#21 - hanging on metal monkeybars at a playground

Team 1 - that was fun (and exhausting, but worth it)! 


  1. This is just way, way, way too much fun!!! It must have been quite the time trying to find all those things but the results are spectacular!!! Great capture of a memorable time!

  2. Your group was cooler than mine. shh. don't tell anyone I said that. ;)


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