Friday, October 10, 2014

Quartet in Chicago

There are days when I'm super thankful for my assignments for class. And thankful for Chicago. Days like today.

As a requirement for music class, we have to go to one non-classical and one classical concert. At least one of these has to be off-campus. The best part about this assignment is that our professor gives us lists of ideas for places to go and most of them are free or have great student prices. It was in this class that I found out about the free concerts held weekly at Fourth Presbyterian Church.

Fourth Presbyterian stands quaintly across from the Hancock building and is disguised by vines that grow on the walls and trees that surround the grounds. It is, however, a stunning church outside and inside and it's a gem right downtown. It also happens to be just a walk away from Moody.

I was planning on going to this concert and thought I'd have to go alone (since it was in the middle of the day), but spontaneously, Caleb and Haley were able to join me. We made our way over there between classes and I really had no idea what to expect.

What awaited us inside the Buchanan Chapel was the Euclid Quartet. What a treat we were in for, and we didn't even know! This quartet is "one of the most well-regarded chamber ensembles of its generation, known for performances filled with passion, virtuosity, and sensitivity," as they state on their website. I agree! It was (literally) music to the soul and Haley and Caleb and I just sat there in awe of such beauty.

Nothing compares to live music. And especially when you can watch musicians' passion display itself in their facial expression and group dynamics. We sat a few feet away from the quartet and soaked in every bit.

If you're ever in Chicago, please check out the Fourth Presbyterian concert schedule. They have a weekly Friday noonday concert that's almost always free. What a sweet way to end the school/work week.

(If you'd like to hear some of Euclid Quartet's music, go HERE


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