Saturday, October 4, 2014

Endless Cups of Tea

This box sits on a shelf in my room, full of treasures from home.


I drink tea just about every day and most of it is from Czech. For a long time I kept the teas in their boxes, but recently I created a make-shift tea box so that I could just combine them all. When I reach for a tea, I grab whichever one I hit first and it makes it a surprise every time. More fun, right?

Beth (my roommate) and I love nature and the outdoors. It's hard for both of us to not be "in it" all the time, so we brought nature to us in our room.

This was Beth's idea, and I absolutely love it. I put up pages from a book and she had the brilliant idea of adding colorful leaves to the white wall. It makes my day all the brighter.

And it makes drinking tea all the cozier.

P.S. This quote from Peter Pan pretty much sums up my perfect day: start with tea, end with adventure. Art from Etsy, HERE.

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  1. You have so many posts about tea. I'm so excited to drink tea with you again. Let's try some new ones this semester, ok? :)


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