Wednesday, October 1, 2014

David and All Sons

God has a way of knowing just what His children need and providing just when He knows will be best. Tonight, I was blessed by an unexpected gift and had a ticket in my hand for a concert held in the House of Blues.

I happened to see a message come through on a Facebook page this morning that a friend of mine who works with Moody's Campus Radio had received 20 tickets to give away for the "Neon Steeple" concert, which was happening this very night.

I'm not usually one to jump on spontaneous chances, but it just seemed right to say "yes" to this one, so I responded right away and later that day received one of the tickets for the concert. Thank you, Lord! Someone had provided these tickets for Moody students, and I am grateful.

I walked over with a few friends to the House of Blues and we stood surrounded by a crowd of people, awaiting the evening. The rest of the night was filled with praise and worship of the Lord.

All Sons and Daughters played first - so good. Their harmonies are stunning and they humbly praised God. Then David Crowder came on stage with his band and brought energy and life and creativity. He was fully himself, and it was refreshing! To sing the songs that I grew up with here in Chicago along with David Crowder was amazing to me. His new songs were just as great too. I'm impressed, and loved seeing the Lord through these musicians.

We sang the classic David Crowder songs, but they also sang some surprising songs like one from Avicci, Don't You Worry Child and a few others that we all knew in different contexts. Somehow it all flowed together though and made a joyous celebration and beautiful picture of Christ and the church.

David Crowder is a "character" (as Bapa would say!), but he but his own spin and style on things, which was fun and unexpected.

God is loving and yet He is King. He is merciful, yet he is mighty. He is the Sacrificial Servant and He rules in the heavens. He amazes me.

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  1. I would have loved to see David Crowder with you. Yes, he is a character and an awesome and inspirational musician! Great beard too!!!


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