Monday, October 27, 2014

Claire's Corner and a Memento

October has been such a full month, that I haven't even gotten the chance to show a new addition to my that brings me a lot of joy every time I see it.

There's a little spot in my room that my friend Kaitlyn coined as "The Cozy Corner". So yes, it's literally "Claire's corner" (pun intended). I don't like sitting at a desk (never have), so I have a rug, pillows, and even a camping chair (thanks Mom!) in a corner of my room.

I have a collections of postcards received at Gull Lake, as well as a painting from Czech hanging on one wall. And on the other wall, fall leaves are scattered across pages, and a birdhouse sits perched inside a "window".

This birdhouse was handmade by Bapa for my 20th birthday, and I cherish it so much. It reminds me of Oregon, my childhood and Bapa, of course.

Bapa has always been a craftsman and there isn't a time when I don't remember seeing birdhouses on his porch or in his yard. He has a way of making something so skillfully and beautifully, and this birdhouse is no exception. The colors were even chosen specifically. The green color is supposed to remind me of the green hills in Czech and the name of the pink paint was "Rose Clair", so he used that as the trimming. How wonderful is that??

These pillows are also dear, because they were a birthday gift from my sweet roomie! She said they reminded her of the patterns on my Polish pottery.

It's those little things that make my room feel like home. The space is small, but it's home for these years. 


  1. Simply adorable!! And you made a window out of a box! :)

  2. What a great space! And I love the box window! It's such a great touch to make your corner look even more inviting.


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