Saturday, September 6, 2014

Why I Love Old Town

Old Town is where I most often walk to when I need to get off campus to have a change of scenery for studying and homework. Why? Well, for one, it's really close by. It's literally just down the street from Moody, a one-way shot on a sidewalk lined with trees.

But I also love Old Town because of the low buildings. No skyscrapers here. Just nice normal brick buildings with cute shops and restaurants inside. I also love that every time I go to Intelligentsia inside Plum Market in Old Town, I see at least 5 dogs walk by in the timespan of an hour. It warms my heart to see a dog bouncing by looking happy and excited about life.

Yesterday it poured as I sat inside Intelligentsia working on a hermeneutics paper. I LOVE rainstorms like these.

Plum Market is also where I have my second job - demoing (sampling) food for on behalf of a lovely company called Demolicious. I worked my second shift with them today and loved getting to talk with people about specialty organic chocolate called OCHO (Organic-CHOcolate...see what they did there?). Plum Market has a wide variety of guests who shop at their store and I loved chatting with all sorts of people today. Four hours is quite a bit of time to be on your feet, but it was enjoyable!

This candy is delicious, by the way. Just sayin'.

This one's for you, Mom (and I had to take the picture for the company too. hehe. But I was thinking of you too!)

I'm glad to have a place in Chicago that I can rely on to be pleasant and relaxing. Yay for Old Town and Plum Market and Intelligentsia!


  1. Alright Claire, way to go with the picture on the job! How cool is it to promote chocolate candy? So proud that you have a second job!

  2. As I was scrolling down and saw the first part of the picture I thought "Aw, so glad she got a picture!". Then the words came that you were thinking of me! Thank you! Loved seeing you there at Plum Market doing your thing!!


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