Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunny Sunday

Part of the Patty Party of 5 has moved! Tyler and Lara moved out of the downtown area to be closer to Tyler's school where he'll be studying to get his master's degree. They found an adorable little apartment (in the bottom half of a house) that suits them perfectly. With parks nearby and friendly neighbors, it's a good place for them to start this new adventure.

Since they live a little farther out, I won't be able to go see them quite as often as last year, but since they're still in the suburbs, we'll make it happen to be together. Tonight was the first of hopefully more evenings spent with the siblings in this new phase.

A short walk to Walgreens gave us an excuse to stop by their nearby park. Swings satisfied us girls, but the brothers had to try the teeter-totter, not in the normal fashion, of course. Boys can get pretty creative!

We couldn't miss out on some sibling pictures.

Caleb and Tyler being brothers...

I realize, this all looks pretty idyllic. And for one short evening, it was. For the simplest reasons. Sunshine, brothers and sisters and good food and just being together again. It doesn't take much to bring joy to life. It really doesn't. But I cherish days like these, which come now and then. They are the best. And I love these Patty's.

Time to go back inside and make a delicious dinner of rosemary burgers and sweet potato fries.

And one last little tidbit about the day... it was Caleb and Haley's 3 month anniversary!


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