Friday, September 12, 2014

Snapshots and Perspectives

It seems I had forgotten the rest of the city. After being here now for my second year, I'm a regular to a few places and have stopped exploring the rest. Thanks to Kelley, I got to see another gem in Chicago. A little piece of history and beauty. Here are some snapshots of a Thursday.

We went to a coffee shop I'd never been to. A hot chocolate made with homemade almond milk, good talk with a friend, and an overcast day out the window made for a perfect afternoon. 

I don't always carry my camera around with me. Actually, I find that I don't take nearly as many photos while I'm at school because, mostly, it's not normal to have your camera around at everything. Some things are just meant to be lived in. An evening with girls in the lounge, Friday Film in my Christianity in Western Culture class, ushering for events, working, are all things that I don't take pictures of, but they form my day after day.

On the side of my blog I list three things I love. Those are also the three things I capture through this blog:

The joys.
A collection of memories.

Of course, life is made up of more than snapshots and happy moments (it's more than coffee shops, laughter and splendidness), but mostly what I post are those three things. This blog is a collection of joy, of memories that I cherish and ways that Christ is working in my life and in the world around me.

Yesterday with Kelley was one of those "snapshot" days and it was splendid. Today had its ups and downs, but those are stories I'll just have to remember. 

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  1. Beautiful Claire! You captured life, the ins and outs, very well. Delightful as always! :)


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