Monday, September 29, 2014

Scavenger Hunt

We had a "Bro-Sis" event on Sunday: a Photo-Video scavenger hunt in the city. Although this may sound cliche, it was still fun to look at the city through a different lens. Scavenger hunts give you the excuse to talk to strangers and do silly things.

I have lots of photos from yesterday, but until I have time to work through them, here's a little video from one of the challenges. The goal? Order something at a restaurant in three different accents. This guy at the hotdog stand was friendly and even totally played along! So great.

More photos to come!

(They were also giving out free hotdogs. So if you're ever choosing between Ballpark's Finest and another hotdog brand, go for these. The people were awesome, and so were the hotdogs!)


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