Sunday, September 21, 2014

On the Go

I feel like my Saturdays last year were a bit "vague", if that even makes sense. They passed by without much to structure them. Sometimes they were fun, but mostly I felt the need to get homework done, but had a hard time staying motivated to do anything since it was the weekend. They could be restful one week, but they could also just be awkward or lonely another week.

Now that I work on most Saturdays, I have to actually structure my weekend. But I like it. I demoed a gourmet ice-cream (shoutout to High Road Craft Ice-Cream!) today at Plum Market, which was fun (though I was surprised how many people didn't jump at the opportunity to have ice-cream). After work it was off to coffee with some girls from my floor. I had to be back by 6 to work on a hermeneutics assignment with a friend.

These hermeneutics assignments are tough. They usually take a good 3-4 hours of focused work (and that with a partner), but they're so good too. I've realize figuring things out on my own is not my strength, but if someone tells me what to look for or gives me an assignment, then that's the best way for me to learn. I love that my professor challenges us, but gives us the context to work from.

Even though there's less time to relax, there's also more to remember, more to learn and more to lean into this semester. Before I left my dad gave me one specific piece of advice - be all in and engage completely. So, Dad, I'm doing my best!


  1. I would've tried that ice cream in a second!!! People didn't want ice cream???

  2. I just looked at their flavors! YUM!!!! I want to caramelized banana and the brown butter praline!!


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