Friday, September 26, 2014

He Speaks

My real and honest prayer today: Lord, let me love the city the way you do. 

God loves his creation. He loves the trees and the birds and the roses and the blue sky. But you know what he also finds pleasure in? The creativity of the people He created. And the city is full of that creativity. 

I had to repent today for not praising Him for this side of His creation. It's easy for me to admire the crisp yellow leaves that crunch beneath my feet. It's harder for me, personally, to love the concrete sidewalk or the neatly lined up buildings. The grid of Chicago is glorifying to God because it illustrates order and ingenuity. Each coffee shop can be glorifying to God as it displays uniqueness and craft. 

So it's not just about the yellow leaves. Yes, I needed fresh air and trees today after an overwhelming week. But just as much, I need God to convict me of not seeing things through His eyes as well.

This whole process of waiting for the "L" train, walking through the neighborhood to get to the coffee shop, settling in and working on a paper and the familiar trip back to Moody allowed me space to think. Slowing down and having this time is more important than I realize. I used to cook and bake and that gave me time to think. Now I have to find that time differently - like maybe by sitting outside, waking up just a little bit earlier in the morning, and walking places whenever I can.

Lord, continue to humble me and show me yourself through being here in the city. I'm thankful for this gentle nudging from Him and how He can speak through His Word, circumstances and creation today.  

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