Tuesday, September 2, 2014

He Knows

I prayed for mercy.

I received mercy.

I was supposed to do a fitness test today for one of my classes and run 1.5 miles. Yes, this would be a challenge under normal circumstances too (especially around a track, which seems to always be farther), but I dreaded the thought of running since my cough and cold are taking a toll on me right now.

I was going to go to the nurse before class to make sure there weren't any more serious problems, but it ended up not working out and I had to go to class without news from the nurse if I was healthy enough to run. I took a deep breath, held my tennis shoes in hand as I walked over to the gym for class, and I prayed. I specifically asked the Lord for mercy. Whether that meant mercy to run as best as I could, or mercy not to run today, I didn't know.

I went to class fully prepared to run, no matter if it meant I was the last person, or that I had to walk half of it. But when I went to talk to my professor to let him know my situation and explain that I would try my best, he suggested that I be retested another day instead.

I know this may seem like a small thing, but it was a big thing for me. It was just another small sign of God's provision and attention to the details.

Health-wise, it's a good thing that I didn't have to do the fitness tests today, because when I went into the nurse later in the afternoon, she recommended I go to the doctor. I have unusual ear pain that needs to be looked at more carefully. Would you pray for me these next couple of days? I need to continue with my schoolwork, while figuring out how to take care of my body as well. It's a tricky balance, one that every student has to go through.

I'm praying too for what the Lord has for me to learn through this. I'm sure He sees a bigger plan, even if it just means learning about the American healthcare system tomorrow as I go to the doctor.

Either way, I thank the Lord for His presence and that He knows how and where to meet me right where I'm at. 


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