Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Celebrating from Across the Ocean

Today was just another day in Chicago.

But all the way across the ocean, in a country in the heart of Europe, one very special person was celebrating his birthday! It's incredible to me to think that two years ago Dad and I were visiting colleges together, and he was doing the greatest job helping me figure out what I wanted out of these four years. That year we celebrated Dad's birthday in Czech and then went to Chicago at the beginning of October.

Now two years later, I sit in my dorm room at Moody, one of the schools that Dad and I visited that fall. Although I can't be with Dad today (and bake him a cake and sing happy birthday to him!), I think about him so often here in Chicago, not just on his birthday.

It's his passion for serving the Lord, his focus on others, his vision of the bigger picture, his courage, and his commitment to the Word that inspires me. Dad, you have been and continue to be such an example to me, but I also just really love that you're my dad.

Thanks for all the fun adventures we've had together and may there be many more. I love you!

Happy Birthday, from Chicago!

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  1. Claire, you totally made my day. What a great birthday present - your words means so much to me. I love you!



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