Tuesday, August 12, 2014


When I asked Dad if we could hike the mountain near our campsite on Hvar, I almost couldn't believe I wanted to do it. Hiking is hard work and not just easy-peasy. But I forget how much I actually enjoy it once I'm in it, and especially how much I enjoy it when I get to the top!

I've only hiked this mountain once before, but this time around reminded me why this is possibly my favorite place on earth. Or at least one of them!

We started in the evening, winding our way through the little village of Sv. Nedjelja and up the rocky path zig-zagging up the mountain.

The whole time we hiked, this view just kept getting broader and broader, with a wider panorama of the Adriatic.

We passed by a couple of caves. One in particular used to have a church in it (now only ruins). 

On the brambly path...

...past the magical trees...

...across the abandoned sheep farms...

.... by the monuments of travelers past...

 ...and the windswept branches...

...with one goal in mind...

... the summit!

 We made it in time for sunset and watched the glorious sight as we made our way back down.

Our descent was moonlit and peaceful. Well, peaceful until we passed by the cave again on our way down, saw some lights inside and heard the loud screeching of bats. 

It could not have been a better spent four hours of our day. 

I am in AWE of God. He blows me away with the places He created with such care and beauty. I'm glad I got to be reminded of His creativity again this past week. And thanks for hiking with me, Dad (and mostly for encouraging me that I really can do it)!


  1. I'm so glad you and dad hiked! Great memory for the two of you...and those photos and views! Oh my!! Amazing!

  2. Oh Claire, those pictures are breath-taking! What simple beauty God has created! That is why I always like getting outdoors to walk, run, hike or bike...to enjoy creation! Great that you are growing and learning to enjoy the beauty and majesty of nature!! Added benefit is that exercise is free and healthy.

  3. Claire, I must say, this is some of your BEST photography yet. From the composition to the editing, these pictures show the mark of a crafts-woman! Well done!!

  4. Seriously Claire, those are some incredible pictures! Like crazy good.


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