Friday, August 1, 2014

Savoring Silence

This, to me, is rest...

I didn't have anything planned today until later in the afternoon. Since my parents were out, I was home alone with Kaylee and savored the foggy restful day. I love having people in the house, but for one morning, it was nice to quietly play my jazz Pandora station, bake peanut butter cookies and draw.

I wouldn't want it to be cloudy/foggy/rainy all the time, but I actually do enjoy it. It's peaceful. When I walked outside, there was a still silence, like the kind that comes when fluffy snowflakes float through the air on a dark winter night. Chicago has its perks, but silence is not one of them. And so I savored peacefulness, fog, and a quiet day in my own home.

In the afternoon I got to see my sweet friend Kristi and then go up to help her with the "tea room" at our church's English Camp. It felt good to bake together and make tea together again. These reconnections are each so valuable to me. 


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