Thursday, July 31, 2014

Prague: Good for the Soul

It really is hard to describe why Prague is so dear to my heart, except that it represents, as the country's capital, so much about Czech: the far reaching history, the pain endured, the joy of new beginnings, the peaceful revolutions, the art and creativity and sincerity and loyalty to the past.

Every time I stroll down another cobblestone street, wandering with my gaze fixed on the uniquely ornate buildings, I can't help but feel a certain comfort. This country, this city, this people, is part of who I am. These are not just buildings, roads, shops and strangers. These are all places and people that have made this country who they are today; and made me who I am today too. 

Our day started off early as we took the train to Prague (my favorite way to travel here). I love passing by villages and fields, soaking in the Czech countryside.

After we stepped off the train, we were pretty much on our feet for 7 hours non-stop exploring our favorite city. Even though our feet ached from walking on the cobblestones all day, somehow we couldn't just sit down because there is always more to see in Prague, no matter how many times we've been there.

Hannah, who I grew up with, hadn't been home in two years and I hadn't been home in a year. It is so special for both of us to be back, and we kept exclaiming giddily about every beautiful spot in Prague. "It's like Disneyland for adults," says Hannah, and she's right. She goes to Biola and lives not far from Disneyland, so she would know! :) 

I even got to stop by my favorite art gallery ever. Paintings get me every time. They are so valuable to me and they always set me dreaming of other lands and stories. Someone once told me, "The sign of Good art is when you miss it." I can say that I do miss the few paintings we have in our home by this artist. I grew up with Dima's paintings hanging as gems in our home.

And then of course the Charles Bridge is a must. That view is classic.

Our final must-see was here: the view from the castle, looking out at the City of Spires (there are 500 of them!).

I am thankful for Prague and for the many memories that have been made there. Thank you, Mom and Amy, for another memory! I think both Hannah and I feel very "tanked up" and filled to the brim with memories that we'll carry with us back to the States. 


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