Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Real and True

To be honest, I didn't know what it would be like to come home. I knew what my house would look like, that the mountains would still be here, that I would get to drink bubbly water and eat Mom's cooking. 

What I didn't know about was how it would be seeing my friends again. After a year in the States, and a year of living separate lives, would there still be a connection that ran deep? 

The answer?


I have been overjoyed to see so many dear people since I've been home. Czechs are loyal friends and they remember just about every person they come into contact with in life. They have so much room in their hearts for others.

It took me a few days (ok...maybe more like a week) to regain fluent Czech, but once it came back, I was able to feel totally normal with my friends here. They are precious to me.

I enjoyed every minute of my walk with Kristi today. She and I sat next to each other for two years in high-school and her friendship continues to mean a lot to me. She is thoughtful, a great listener, thinks deeply, cares for people and has such a happy smile.

I'm thankful for all the reconnections I was able to make while I was home. My fears of coming home and not having any friends were proven not valid. Life here was real. My friendships were real. I did actually have roots here. I still do. Life still is real here. Just like it's real in Chicago now too.

Kristi noticed a heart shape made out of the trees that frames Lysa hora perfectly. It accurately captures home for me. I love this land and these people. 


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