Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Familiar Place

Life slows down when this week rolls around. It's camping week.

Our family has camped in Croatia for 14 years and we love every bit of it. It's the most restful vacation for all of us, and always has been. The fact that we don't live confined in four walls for a little bit refreshes my soul. I love home and being indoors, but when we get to Croatia, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but outside all day.

We bring a few things to make the campground feel like home. A coffee pot brings warm comfort to our mugs in the morning and little gas stoves are all we need to take care of our meals.

This really has nothing to do with camping, but I couldn't help but share this story because it tickled my funny bone. We keep refilling our water bottles, so I marked mine with a Sharpie. My name fit nicely on the side of the bottle, but since the cap is so small, I figured I'd just put my initials on top. It feels better knowing that one bottle is mine (I'm not a germ freak, but I don't mind not having to share a bottle if it's an option. Hehe)

I labeled the top of the bottle with my initials and then noticed how silly that was.

CAP. Right, that's a cap. Just in case Mom and Dad didn't know the English word for the top of the bottle. My initials actually are C.A.P., but the irony dawned on me only after I wrote those three letters. I just had to laugh. 

Anyway... our temporary home sits perched on one of the terraces in the campground. It's a rugged space here on the mountainside by the water, but it's charming and just beautiful. 

Quiet mornings, hours to read books, and time to reflect on this past year are good for our souls. Sitting outside all day? The Lord knows what we need. It's special getting to soak in His creation with a front-row seat for a week.

Oh, and of course we took Kaylee along! She has brought us much joy on this trip. It's a little like having a kid around, except that Kaylee can only talk with her eyes and her tail. At least that's what we say. It's still entertaining having her with us.

For more of the background of why we camp, go to my Mom's blog HERE.

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  1. Awwwwww!! Heaven on earth, right?! So so so good to be here with you and dad!


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