Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Day in the Life

I think I could write a journal of today that resembles one I would have written as an 8-year-old: 

"Today I woke up at 7:30AM, ate pancakes that I heated up in the toaster and then I walked around the lake with Lucie." 

Well, that's the short of it anyway. The day actually went on in this fashion, with every single hour full until the last of the light dwindled away from the once pink sky. 

When time should be slowing down, to soak in every last day, it feels like it's speeding up. I could expect that would happen. I'm getting in last visits with people I haven't seen yet, and filling up the days with as much of "home" as possible, before I leave for a season again.

I got to explore a new part of our valley today, a reservoir that sits looking up at the Beskydy mountains, not far from where I live. I'm not sure how I never actually ventured out to this magical place until now, but it was fun discovering a new place. Lucie, a friend who still goes to BMA, led the way around the reservoir as we chatted, got rained on, and ate peaches picked up from Billa this morning.

Mom and I had to take Kaylee to the vet at 10 for her appointment, hence the early meeting with Lucie. As we waited for Kaylee to get taken care of (just a regular ol' annual teeth cleaning), we stopped by our favorite new bakery in Frydek.

These cases are full of rolls, loaves, pastries, puffs, cakes and anything else you could ask for. 

It's all gluten-free.

When we came here for the first time a couple weeks ago, we could hardly believe our eyes. "Is everything here gluten-free?" I asked the kind lady behind the counter. "Yes! Everything!" was her answer. My face broke into a huge grin when I heard that. 

Since we found this certified gluten-free bakery, I have indulged in not a few of my favorite classic Czech foods. "Vetrniky" and "rohliky" and other things that don't even exist in the States, let alone exist gluten-free, have brought our family so much joy. To be able to eat these things and not feel sick afterwards is wonderful.

My next stop at 2 o'clock was a house half an hour away with two very adorable kids awaiting. The Thomasons live in this house and moved to Czech in June. Their kids are now Third Culture Kids, though they probably have no idea what that means yet. But they are already learning about Czech ways and will soon be learning the Czech language by full immersion into preschool. Life radically changed not only for their parents when they followed God's call to serve Him here, but for the kids too.  

They have an exciting, hard, but blessed life ahead of them as TCK's. And I got to spend the afternoon and evening with them while their parents went our for a date! 

With puddles, Wii, books, the yard and making pizza to entertain us, we had such a good evening together.

Although it ended up being a packed day, God answered my prayer this morning that it would be a rich and peaceful day. I truly did enjoy every component of it. 


  1. These are sweet days! Love all the Czech things you're getting filled up with. And I love all our little adventures each day! :)

  2. It was an amazing time!!! I've been so happy, that I could meet you. You are really dear to me and I love spending time with you! :)


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