Friday, July 4, 2014

Week 2

Week two: Check! 

I am finished with my second week of camp. This week was so completely different from last week, but I am forever thankful for it. I learned a lot. The biggest difference this week was that I didn't know any of the campers (we used to always come week 1 for Gull Lake) and I was with the "Giraffes" this week. That meant I spend mornings and evenings with babies from 0-23 months. 

I was really nervous to be with the littlest ones, but every morning I would pray that the Lord would give me a love that would display itself in patience, kindness and gentleness with these babies, and every day God answered those prayers. I am usually very cautious and unsure about taking care of little babies, but this week I was able to learn and appreciate the little things about the littlest people. Things like: a smile, arms reaching out to be picked up, hand signs for "all done" or "more", going for walks with strollers, finally figuring out what made each baby happy when they were sad. I watched the other counselors in the room and mimicked them and that's the way I learn best! 

Life slowed down for those few hours every day (both in a good and in a hard way), and I also gained so much respect for moms, as I always do when I'm with babies. Thank you to all you moms who work so hard day and night for your kids! You all are amazing. Truly.

This off time today consisted of FaceTime with Mom, a beautiful day, Qdoba, resting, and watching fireworks from the lake with my new friends/fellow counselors. 

Happy 4th of July! 


  1. Love this glimpse into your world at GLM!! Praying for you as you head into this next week. Love you much!!

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to you. I think today is your well deserved day off, so enjoy...and I hope you have a wonderful last week at camp!


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