Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Staff

In some ways, it was stretching not to have my phone or camera with me for six weeks. I couldn't capture memories or view the world through a lens. But it was good for me too. I practiced truly living in the moment every single day. I was able to stay fully focused on camp, without any distractions or even thoughts of "the outside world". The camp bubble is an interesting concept, but I'm thankful for it too.

Finally, on my very last day at Gull Lake, when we finished the weekly camp deep cleaning of houses and cottages, I pulled my camera out of the squeaky drawer in the Annex. I got to freeze a few moments in time with people as we gathered under the Big Top together. Smiles abounded and laughter and silliness were plentiful.

I really could have gotten pictures with everybody because they all have a place in my heart now even just after six weeks!

This group all came from the same school to work at Gull Lake! Some of them came just for the first half of the summer, and some came this weekend to start second half. But on Friday, everyone was back together for one evening. We call that evening "MAWOG" (Men-And-Women-Of-God), though no one really knows why or how that name stuck years ago.

First and second half staff for housekeeping - these girls rock! They work so hard behind the scenes, but have the same passion for serving God as counselors working with the kids.

Parental Care Ministries came as the Missions representative one week and they had such fun shirts for sale. They also do great work for God, of course!

These are most of the wonderful ladies I got to live in the "Annex" with this summer. My roomie was the one in the light blue shirt on the right!

Time to go back inside for our last night of worship and reflection with the staff. Second half staff began on Saturday with a new group of families.

What a blessing to get to serve God with such a great group of people. It was hard work from morning till night (literally), but I never felt alone in any task. We could depend on each other and depend on the Lord. It truly was a picture of the body of Christ coming together, everyone using their gifts to bless others and each other.

Thank you Gull Lake for all you taught me this summer. I was stretched and pushed and challenged daily, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. 


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