Monday, July 28, 2014

Senior Photos

Our friends Yvonne and Kyle, who visited us this past weekend, love photos. Kyle, who is now a senior, randomly said something about senior photos while we were in Krakow on Friday, and I jumped at the opportunity. They didn't know that I loved photography, but they were talking about it in a hypothetical "wouldn't it be cool to get your senior pictures here" kind of way. I'm glad they had the idea!

We took a couple in Krakow, but then the four of us - the two moms, Kyle and I - headed up to Malenovice (our JV training center) on Saturday morning before they had to be at the train station. What fun it was taking these photos and what a great way to end our time together - capturing moments!

Hope you have a great senior year, Kyle!

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  1. Hey Claire you are really an outstanding photographer! I really like the way you captured the different scenes for this photo shoot. I hope to have another photo session next time you are in Oregon!

    I'm so glad that you are back to blogging!!!!


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