Thursday, July 24, 2014

Red Currants and an Angel

I got the stomach flu yesterday. I was up most of the night, reliving many years of my childhood. Growing up I had an extremely weak immune system (because of a mold allergy and a mold-infested home...but that's another story) and I often caught even the smallest bug. As a kid, my system collapsed easily and it took days, sometimes weeks, to recover.

Thank you to all those who prayed for me as a kid. I can't remember the last time I was really sick, which is a miracle. I caught a cold once this past year and now have this 24 hour bug, but compared to my childhood, those things are completely normal. God has strengthened my body in ways that I could never imagine and I thank Him every time I do get sick, because it reminds me of all that He has already brought me through.

Although being sick is never fun, there is no other couch I'd rather spend the day on than the one inside the yellow house with its red roof: home. Mom brought me Sprite and toast when I needed it, I didn't have any other responsibilities I needed to report back to, and I knew where the medicine cabinet was at 3AM.

The best surprise of today? Even our dear neighbor wanted to help. "Pani Andelova" (Mrs. Andelova) lives next-door and comes to visit us many days a week. She rings our doorbell until we come and then gives us the biggest smile and we chat at the front door. She may lead a simple life, but her faith is childlike and genuine. She came to say hello today and when she found out I was sick, her first response was to go home and pray for me.

An hour later, I heard the doorbell ring again and again and easily recognized it was pani Andelova. What I didn't expect was this:

She told my mom at the front door that as she was praying for me, she remembered that when she was little, her mom used to give her red currants when she had a fever. So she picked some from her yard and brought them over. Mom put them in a bowl for me and thanked pani Andelova. Our neighbor doesn't even know that red currants are such a comforting food to me because I only ever eat them in Czech during the Summer.

What a precious reminder of how the Lord cares for us even in the midst of a small flu.

Oh, and one more tidbit about pani Andelova. Her last name translated means "angel". So Mrs. Angel lives right next-door. If that's not comforting, I don't know what is.


  1. aw! This put a huge smile on my face. It's so awesome how God works, isn't it? :) I don't think i've ever had red currants, but they look tastey. The outside of your home looks so green and fairy-tale like. It's all dry and yucky here in California. I hope you're feeling better. :)

  2. Precious!! Of course we know she'll be over tomorrow asking about you! :) Who knows how God has used her prayers over the years on your behalf??

  3. I guess if you have to get sick sometime then this is perfect timing...sure beats getting sick during finals week or at summer camp! Get well soon Claire!


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