Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wedding Week: Birthday Celebration

I don't know how my Mom managed to keep up with writing and pictures last week, but she did. I, on the other hand, am going to go back to the beginning. There are photos to share and stories to tell that I don't want to miss. Last week filled us all up with precious memories.

On Wednesday, we had a last leisurely afternoon before Caleb and Haley's wedding together as the Patty and Chase family. Haley's birthday was not to be missed in the thrill of wedding week! Cupcakes, Italian sodas, a lovely day in the park and a walk with the siblings made for a surprisingly relaxing time, even with the wedding coming up soon.

The wind didn't stop Caleb from making sure Haley got to blow out a birthday candle!

Caleb and his new brothers...

Haley is perfect for Caleb in so many ways. One of them is that she completely allows him to go on adventures. Of course she's concerned for his safety, but she doesn't try to hold him back from fun. Many times, she'll even join him in those adventures! He kept asking her, "Should I climb out onto the branch?" and she looked on saying, "if you want to, go ahead!"

(He ended up saying that for her sake, he wouldn't go all the way out.)

I'm pretty excited to call Haley my sister!!

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  1. Beautiful editing of photos Claire! And such a sweet post. I loved the part about Haley letting Caleb have his adventures! :) Can't wait to see your next posts on wedding week!


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