Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wedding Week: Back to Chicago

Fast-forward to Monday morning.

6:07 AM. This isn't what time we woke up. This is what time we went to bed.

Though none of us wanted to leave the magic of post-wedding in Ft. Collins, our crew had to get back to Chicago on Sunday. Tyler, Lara and Pavel had work to get back to, and they were my ride back to the city (not just my ride - Tyler and Lara are letting me stay with them this week!). So we packed up the car, stopped to get coffee and were on our way back to the midwest.

We all felt sad leaving Colorado - that place is dear to our hearts. There is something about Colorado that feels like a second home, not to mention, it's just stunning wherever you go.

Tyler and Lara traded off driving the 19 hours back to the city. Through sun, rain, lightning, and dark, they did great. I am extremely impressed by their driving stamina! It doesn't always take 19 hours from Ft. Collins to Chicago, but because of the rain and some road construction, it took that long.

Rolling into Chicago at sunrise was a strange thing - beautiful, in a much different way from the mountains. I still miss the mountains, but Chicago feels familiar too now.

We dropped Pavel, a friend and the wedding photographer, off at Moody (where he's working for the Summer) before heading back to Tyler and Lara's apartment.

Going to bed at sunrise is not one of my favorite things to do, but what a relief to finally get to really sleep, especially for Tyler and Lara who had driven the whole way. Many thanks to you two!!

I still can't believe that just last Saturday, Caleb and Haley got married! I'm so incredibly happy for them. Mr. and Mrs. Patty are going to have some amazing adventures together in the years to come!

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  1. Patty's do tend to have adventures don't they?! :) So glad you all made it back safely, and yes I'm impressed by Tyler and Lara's stamina as well! Fun photos, very sweet post.


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