Friday, June 27, 2014

First week

We finished our cleaning assignments this afternoon and headed to our staff meeting before being released for off time. As soon as they told us we could go, I think I hit the "off switch" because that's when I started feeling the tiredness kicking in. All week the Lord has sustained me with strength and energy that I know was not my own. He is good.

It's hard to believe that I'm already half way through my time here at Gull Lake. With a week of orientation and staff training, a week of Ladies' Days, and one week of camp behind me, I only have three more weeks left here in Michigan. Time is flying by!

This week of family camp was precious. I have loved working here! I had the privilege of being in the 2-3 year old classroom and hung out with five adorable kids mornings and evenings. The things that made me smile this week were hugs from little arms and their adorable voices telling stories and making things up as they played. These kids were awesome and I'm going to miss them.

I feel like at this point my thoughts are a little jumbled because I'm still processing everything that has happened so far. No kidding, my dreams have been the wildest since I got here! They keep us going all day with a packed (and wonderful!) schedule, so there isn't much time for reflection or anything of the sort. Apparently, my subconscious has kicked into high gear instead, and I process every day in my dreams. At least it's entertaining every morning when I wake up and realize what I had been dreaming about!

Here's a view into a walk I make every day up to the main building.

And here's where I'm staying for these weeks! It's in the upstairs of a house and it's almost dorm-style. There's limited space, but us girl staff have grown close quickly, so we don't mind the close quarters. It works!

God has been providing, working and showing His love to everyone here. The families this past week were great, I couldn't be serving with a better staff, and I'm looking forward to another week of camp, which starts tomorrow at 3:00 sharp with everyone arriving! Here we go!

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