Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Race in Vail

Back in March, I participated in my first 5-mile race. I really enjoyed it, even though I don't usually consider myself a "runner". I will say that it's much more motivating to lace up your shoes and get out there when you have something to work towards!

After that race in Moab, Mom, Dad and I researched to see if there was another one we could do before the wedding, and found one on May 26th in Vail, Colorado. Why not sign up?

This race was much more low-key than Moab. People mingled and made new friends, the crowds were smaller here and the race even started a few minutes late.

What a beautiful place for a race - nestled in the Rockies in a quaint but classy mountain village.

Dad ran the half-marathon again (props to him because the course was uphill for the whole first half!!), and Mom and I did the 5-mile. Unfortunately, we both had knee problems coming into the race, but that didn't stop us from (speed-)walking the 5 miles! Dad always tells us that everything counts. It doesn't matter that we didn't run it, but that we still went the 5 miles. Regardless of our speed, it was still great to be a part of the whole "race experience".

I still haven't figured out if I like running, but walking on bike trails through Vail was perfect. Walking actually is my favorite, though I want to continue giving running a chance. But hey, it wasn't bad at all to have an excuse to soak in the beauty of the mountains a little more as we walked this time around.

Sun, exercise and beauty made for a wonderful start to the wedding week. And hopefully, I'll get to do some more races some day. They're such fun. 


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