Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's This Month!

July 2010: Patty's and Chases reunite after not seeing each other for two years. Caleb and I have kept in touch with Haley this whole time, and at this point, Caleb likes Haley and Haley likes Caleb, but neither one of them know that their feelings are mutual.

April 2012: Caleb has been in touch with Haley even more. Haley's family moves to Slovakia to serve with Josiah Venture, and Haley comes to visit Caleb and I for the weekend. Really, it's Caleb who is especially excited that Haley is here (he's the one who planned the visit!) and nods to me to get an inconspicuous photo of them two before we head into lunch... A sneaky photo, because this is before Haley knows that Caleb likes her back.

May 2013: After dating for a year, Caleb proposes to Haley in Chicago and she says YES!

January 2014: Only 5 months left until the wedding.

May 1st 2014: It is the month of their wedding now. My brother is getting married THIS MONTH!! May 31st is the special day, and it's coming up pretty soon! I. CAN'T. WAIT. I think they're pretty excited too. ;)


  1. Such a fun post Claire!! Who would've ever believed way back when that those two would fall in love and be getting four weeks! So happy for all of us! :)


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