Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dear Chicago

In less than a week, I'll be leaving Moody for the Summer*. After the wedding I'll be coming back here to stay with Tyler and Lara for a couple of days before Gull Lake, but I'll be leaving "downtown" for a few months.

I never thought I'd say this, but: I'm going to miss Chicago.

There are things that are charming to me now. Coffee shops galore. Fun foods to try. Public transportation. Always things to do. New places to explore. Walking from place to place. The flowers planted by sidewalks.

Those are things that I have come to love about this city, besides the people I've met here (and my family!). I really wasn't sure how it would be for me, coming from Czech, to be in the big city. But somehow, it's grown on me. Would I want to live here forever? No. But it's been such an adventure to be here for college. It's exciting.

It'll be good to have some contrast this Summer. I'll be in mountainous Colorado, on a lake in Michigan, and back in my cozy town of Frydlant, before I return to Chicago. It's hard to believe all that will happen!

As much as I'm excited to move on to what's in store for this Summer, I am also soaking in these last days of seeing this view from my room. It'll be good to be back in August (though I think it will be hard to leave Czech!).

*(I'll be working on campus for the week)

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  1. How about that?!!! You learned to love the city!! That's so great. Glad you find things to love wherever you are.


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