Thursday, May 22, 2014

3,2,1 Lift Off

I happened to meet Caleb in the cafeteria today, so I got to eat dinner with him. He was definitely encouraging about my dilemma of packing for three different purposes. The basic map of my packing plan was:

1. Bag for Colorado - must be small, so it can fit in the car with wedding presents on the way back.
2. Bag for Gull Lake - one or two bags? That is the question. Must have lots of t-shirts and include costumes and everything necessary for camp.
3. Bag for Czech - do I pack for cold or hot weather? My bag can't be over 50 pounds. Maybe I'll just repack my bag from camp?

Caleb compared my packing to a space shuttle. His brain works like this - he can make the wildest connections and can explain things in ways that they totally make sense. He's like Dad in that way!

He said my bags would be like the stages of a space shuttle - once I used one jet and got to a certain point, I would have to fire off the next one, or something like that. He's the one who was just reading about space shuttles, not me, so I don't even remember the science behind it.

Either way - yes, my bags will be like bursts that get me to the next stage of my Summer. I'm not good at "big picture" thinking and wish I could've had Caleb helping me pack too (The Patty guys in general are all such expert strategic packers), but instead, I tried to organize everything so it made sense at least somewhat. Hopefully it'll all work out in the end!

I leave tomorrow for the suburbs, and Mom, Dad, Caleb and I drive to Colorado on Saturday. What a time this is! So much is going on, and I am loving it all... well, except for the packing part. But I'm done with that for right now! I get to move forward to what's next!


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