Thursday, March 13, 2014


I never know what to expect from a day's drive on this trip. All of my stereotypes that I've had about places are being changed!

I didn't expect rivers and mountains in Idaho. I didn't even know that there were rolling hills of farmland in the state of Washington. I had no idea what Boise looked like before. I didn't anticipate the lake we stumbled upon on our drive to Utah. The list goes on!

I'm thankful to be learning about and experiencing my "passport-country" more. What an adventure this is! Hours and hours and hours in the car do bring some fun memories.

Since I didn't grow up learning about each individual state in school (we learned about Europe though!), it's been good to experience things firsthand. The ever-changing terrain and the expansiveness of the States blows my mind. Sometimes we could see all the way across the horizon, and other times we were driving through narrow canyons, or alongside rushing rivers.

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  1. Did we really see all that??!! So glad we are together on this road trip! it's more fun with you! :)


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