Friday, March 14, 2014

Into the Kingdom

We knocked on the door to another world today, and the King of the faraway land was kind enough to let us in. What an honor to explore this new land and see its wonders!

On the other side of the door...

What a glorious day in the Kingdom of Arches. Thank you, oh King, for allowing us to come visit on this fine Spring day. Your land is fantastic and spectacular. I bid you farewell. I hope to come again. 


  1. Claire…this is such a beautifully delightful way to tell the story. The King let you, HIs princess, come visit His land. Love!!!

  2. That was such a clever post!!!!! And what fun it was to explore there. SOOOO glad you were with us to experience it!

  3. WOW!!! That really was an amazing place and such a fun day together!!! I'm glad you were with us on that part of the trip to take it all in!!

    Can you tell I'm reading old blog posts of yours??! HA!!


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