Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ukraine: Closer

Usually when I read the headlines of news sites, I don't understand what's being talked about. I feel for other countries experiencing turmoil, but when I don't have connections there, or haven't experienced the culture and known the people, it's hard to feel it, and grasp the meaning of it, even when I would like to.

Ukraine is different.

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It truly breaks my heart.

I've been to Ukraine. I know people who are currently in Ukraine. It is a country that is so near to my home. They are the kind of people that I know - Eastern Europeans. They are suffering; yet they are standing up for their country, praying for freedom, and uniting together.

In 1989, Czech students gathered peacefully on the square and streets of Prague. The Velvet Revolution transformed the country, and led Czech into a new era of freedom. Communism fell, and slowly, yet surely, they began recovering. My home is not the same place as it was 20+ years ago. I know it is a very different situation in Ukraine now, but the protests are essentially for the same purpose: freedom.

Ukraine is making history right now. I pray they are making it towards something better.

It's hard to know how to pray when I don't know what's best. So I pray for the Lord to comfort, for Him to draw people to Himself through this, for people to see Him and turn to Him. I pray for spiritual protection. I pray for our JV missionaries there (who, thankfully, are not in Kiev, the capital), for the ministries that are in the midst of what's happening. I pray for wisdom for the church, and for believers, and for the protestors and the government.

I trust that though my prayers feel small, God is big. I don't know what this all will lead to in Ukraine, but I can pray that it leads to many hearts believing in Christ as their Savior. And I can ask God for peace. I can always ask.

For more updates, and prayer requests, go to the Williams' blog (JV missionaries in Ukraine). 


  1. Thank you Claire for writing this out. Honestly, I understand more clearly what's going on from reading your blog than the CNN coverage. You get it from the inside. Praying with you for their freedom. :o)

  2. I'm sure this all means much more to you since you live so close to Ukraine and have recently visited and know people living there.
    Pretty amazing to be living through history!


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