Monday, February 17, 2014


It kind of sounds like the name of a superhero, right?


Well, no, this superhero was more of a reality in Chiberia today.

Why thundersnow, you ask?

Have you EVER experienced lighting and thunder during a snowstorm?? Seriously, is this a normal thing?! The first time I saw a flash of almost purple-tinted light from my window, I thought I was making things up. But the second time, while I was outside, I saw it again, and then heard a huge rumble of thunder. I wasn't the only one who saw it and heard it this time, so it was real!

Never, have I ever experienced a case of thundersnow (but apparently it's a "thing"!). It was actually pretty awesome.

God is great and powerful, and I love displays of that!

I had PCM today, so had to brave the blizzard, and walk to the bus stop. I had to consciously decide if it was going to be fun and adventurous, and miserable. I chose the former. It ended up being kind of hilarious.

We made it there and back safe and sound. The city gets a little wild in extreme conditions, but it's also endearing to see everyone out shoveling sidewalks, and shielding their heads from the snow. It brings us together, in some ways. Everyone feels cold and is slipping through the snow, which, if you look at it the right way, can be humorous and/or comforting to know you're not alone. Sometimes you just laugh, and go with it.

Yes, this is Chiberia.

In other news, the best part of my day was receiving the sweetest Valentine's package from Mom and Dad (and Michelle too!). It had the most random things in it, which brightened my snowy day. I was especially excited about the coloring book and crayons, just sayin'. Coloring is still fun, and quite therapeutic too. Thank you for the gifts!


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