Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tea and Chocolate Tasting

Yesterday will definitely be up there among my best memories in the city. It was such a "Claire-tailored" experience, that it made me beam from ear to ear the whole time.

Adagio Teas (one of my favorite loose leaf tea shops in the city) hosted a Tea and Chocolate Tasting at their store downtown, which just happens to be a 12 minute walk from campus. They opened the store after hours, and opened it up to anyone who wanted to come. Oh, and I forgot to mention, it was free. 

I begged my friends to come with me (didn't take a lot of convincing though...) , so that I could go to the event (can't walk down there alone in the dark). The five of us made our way down to Adagio, and were greeted warmly by a small gathering of people sampling what was offered, friendly employees, and warm teas and unique chocolates to taste.

They had three teas that they paired specifically with different chocolates. The Indian Assam black tea was paired with a deep dark chocolate, to complement the bold flavors of a rich tea. Semi-dark chocolate was balanced by an aged tea, Pu Erh Dante, which has an earthy, and thoroughly smooth taste. Finally, a green Sencha Overture tasted divine with a little piece of milk chocolate, not to overpower the crisp and delicate tea.

Apart from those three pairings, there was also a sampling of tea-infused handmade chocolate truffles, seasonal Valentine's teas, and a selection of other teas picked to go along with the night.

Does it make sense why I loved last night so much?? Tea, chocolate, friends, and beauty, all in one? What could be better?

I highly recommend Adagio teas. Every time I walk into their store, they are so helpful, and want to make your experience the best possible. When I step into that shop, I feel a sense of calmness, and, of course, joy.

This is one of my happy places in Chicago.

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  1. I'm so happy, not only that you got to have a happy dance in your mouth and for all your senses, but that you got to invite your friends into the experience too. You go girl!!! :o)


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