Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day sounds like it's the holiday for couples. It's not, entirely! I don't have anything against Valentine's Day at all. I enjoy celebrating the day with my friends and family. It may be a "made up" (as some say) and cheesy holiday; one that is somewhat looked down upon among my peers, but there's always been something sweet about it for me.

When I was little, Grandma would send us little Valentine's Day packages. It was a taste of America. They didn't really celebrate this holiday in Czech, so it felt distinctly American to have conversation heart candies, chocolate marshmallows, and Hallmark cards on February 14th. We decorated cookies, and cut out hearts from pink construction paper, writing "I love you Mom/Dad" on them.

Even as we got older, we would exchange cards, messages, and treats in our family. Mom hung up pink and red balloons, and set out candy for us before school. The day was a perk to an otherwise dreary and grey February.

The good memories of Valentine's Day continue.

Because our floor's mascot is Abraham Lincoln (Our "Smith 4 Father". Pun intended.), we like to celebrate Lincoln's birthday "instead" of the "love" holiday. But in the end, we celebrate both, and it's just too much fun.

We received our Smith 4 sweatshirts today in the mail - a just in time for our mascot's birthday this week! Beth and I figured it was time for a roommate photo. A bookshelf works instead of a tripod, right?

And this random cardboard cutout joined our day too... long story behind that one.

Our "brother floor" sent us Valentine's, which were thoughtfully put in front of every girl's door (from the guys, but someone else put them there... guys aren't allowed on our floor except for during Open Halls). It was a throwback to childhood to receive Wonka candy, and hand-made Valentine's cards.

I also picked up the sweetest package in the post office from a family friend. Candice makes gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, nut-free, refined sugar-free power bars that are sooooo good. Seriously, they sustain me during a long day of classes and other activities. There is absolutely nothing bad for you in them, and Candice makes sure that each one is not only nutritious, but delectable as well. This package means a lot to me! (I think snail-mail is one of my love-languages... both in letter and package form...teeehee) Thank you Candice!!

To top off an already splendid day, Kelley and Michelle invited me to a coffee date. Friend dates are wonderful. They're even more wonderful when they're at Intelligentsia. I got to see Tyler, who works there. It's still crazy to me that my brother works at a prestigious coffee shop in downtown Chicago. He's pretty cool.

And look who else we bumped into at Intelligentsia, by chance?

Caleb and Haley, and some friends who were here for Josiah Venture orientation out in Wheaton, and are visiting downtown for the weekend. We've known Hudson since we were JV Kids together! Now Hudson and Kari are joining JV themselves, and moving to Slovakia in the near future. (It was tricky getting a photo since there wasn't much space, but at least we got one!)

What more could I want from Valentine's day? Sure I may be quote-quote "single", but I sure don't feel it. Love from friends, and from family made my day so very special. I like these days.

Happy Valentine's Day! To all the couples, and singles. ;) 

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  1. This is SUCH a sweet post! I'm glad you have sweet memories of Valentine's Day, and that the memories continue!


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